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About us

Lead International School is newly opened school in Aichi prefecture, Kasugai city, near Kachigawa station. Our school offers early childhood education programs and child care services from 6 months of age through elementary school.

Message from the Director

I am Dr. Mangala Janaki Rajapakse, the director of Lead International School. Before I came to Japan, I have been working as a University Lecturer at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka for almost 15 years. And also I was a former Head, department of Management studies of University of Colombo. I earned by Master Degree (MBA) at Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand and completed my PhD. at Nagoya University. I have been in Japan for over 16 years and have experienced working closely with Japanese people. Japan is an advanced industrial nation. Their future needs will be more advanced and complexed. To facilitate such advance environment communications skills will be a plus point. Our mission is to cater future English needs to meet the current global requirements. As I have figured out, the demand to learn English have increased enormously with the current globalization trend. Utilizing my experience as an academician, I have determined to establish an international school in Japan. Lead International provides the pave to highly motivated English speaking children to elementary schools. From birth to age five is the most important time phrase in one’s life for building a strong foundation for in linguistic skills. Our programs have been designed to meet the requirement of various developmental stages in order to support children to become bilingual and attain a high level of English knowledge with pride and confidence. We follow International preschool curriculum for our students and assign foreign and bilingual Japanese nationals as our teaching staff who are well qualified and experienced professionals. We appreciably welcome to answering any question you may have and to accept your suggestions that will be most beneficial to your child’s future development needs. Thank you very much for your time!!!