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Lead's Mission

Our mission is to nurture children in a safe and developmentally appropriate atmosphere. Lead’s desire is to provide high quality early care & educational experience which aides children’s social/ emotional, physical and cognitive growth. Our ambition is to inspire our children to be lifelong learners.


Lead International’s strategy is “learning English through playing” in a safe, child friendly environment. We believe that by playing children can develop social / cognitive skills mature emotionally and build self-esteem required to engage in new experiences and environments. Our curriculum has been prepared by professional staff to meet the demand of various developmental stages.

Key Points!

♥ Learning English through playing gives a good opportunity to learn English happily, quickly and smoothly.

♥ Our curriculums have been developed by internationally trained professional staff. Lead International School follows world accredited preschool curriculum and it concentrates on development of many areas such as physical, social-emotional, cognitive and linguistic skills and personality development.

♥ Children spend their time during the day in an English atmosphere and learn to communicate the needs of their daily routings in English, which helps to flow it naturally.


♥ Low ratio of students and teachers allows teacher’s individual attention for each child equally.

♥ Frequent evaluation and regular parent/ teacher discussions give feedback about the child progress.

♥ Our School consists of Well-equipped library, audio and video facilities and first aid room.

♥ The School location is convenient, safe and environment friendly. Child clinics, Kachigawa station and park are also closed to the School.

♥ The staff is trained and given necessary guidance about disaster safety precautions.