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Saturday Course

Saturday course is designed for children attending Japanese kindergartens and elementary schools to brush up their English level. Classes are separated to level of their english ability and ages. All lessons and activities are taught 100% in English with a focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our level based Saturday classes ensures all students are being taught at a pace and level to suit their needs.
  1. Age 3yrs〜Ele. Grade 1〜6
  2. Time 10:00〜15:00
  3. Days/ Week 1 day/week (Saturday)
  4. Admission fee ¥12,500
    Tuition fee ¥21,600

Material fee (including text books) 2 times/ year prices may be varied upon class level and age ¥5000〜¥10000.

Course schedule

Transportation facilities are available.

Lunch can be arranged.

Please contact for details.