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Kinder preschool course.

Kinder preschool course is for children aged 3 – 6 prior to their entry into Elementary school. Our Kindergarten curriculum is designed to promote children’s early years and developmental goals while keeping things fun! With a range of interesting and challenging activities we encourage skills that are essential for children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of a global society. Art, craft, music, science, academics and intellectual learning are regularly taught.We provide a focused study time for Japanese Language for the students who are planning to attend to the Japanese elementary school.
  1. Entrance fee ¥ 43,200
  2. Tuition fee ¥ 54000
  3. Facility fee  one month tuition
  4. Hours  9: 30-14: 30
  5. Number of times  Monday to Friday
  6. Instructor  foreign teacher

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